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Off-Road Upgrades in Tampa, FL

Protection, Performance, Utility

Jeep and Truck Upgrades to Get You There

Overlanding Tampa is quickly becoming the hottest vehicle-centric lifestyle! NextLevel Truck and Jeep Tampa can help you properly navigate all the exciting overloading upgrade options available.

Folks are transforming their vehicles into off-road rides outfitted with everything necessary to go anywhere and stay out there as long as they’d like. Here at NextLevel Truck and Jeep Tampa, we cater to overlanders looking to deck out their vehicles with the latest gear and greatest protective components for their off-roader. From Jeep top tents to truck bed racks and from protective undercoatings to protective bed liners, we have all the gear and equipment you need to start your overland adventure. Our off-road upgrades in Tampa, FL, will transform your truck or Jeep into an overlanding machine!

Below, we’ve cataloged a few of our favorite overlanding upgrades; we carry everything you need for vehicle protection, performance, and utility. Feel free to reach out to our NextLevel Truck and Jeep Tampa location to schedule an installation, or stop by either of our shops to check out our overlanding upgrades. We offer all the overlanding truck accessories your vehicle needs to be prepared for every outdoor adventure.


Bed Liners >

A better bed liner means less wear and tear as you use your overlanding truck, easier cleaning, and protection from all the elements. LINE-X bed liners are the leading bed liner in the industry, providing protection from impacts, scratches, UV rays, and chemicals. Plus, you can customize your vehicle with whatever bed liner color you’d like. Best of all, we back our bed liner with a lifetime warranty.

Body Armor >

Add unbeatable protection over any and all surfaces of the body of your overlander with our body armor. This protective layer is a crucial Jeep or truck upgrade if you want to take your vehicle off road! Like our bed liners, our body armor applications protect your vehicle against abrasion, sunlight, and caustic chemicals. And again, you can customize the color of your body armor to perfectly suit your vehicle and your style.

Undercoatings >

While your vehicle’s body is exposed to all the elements of Mother Nature, its undercarriage is just as exposed to wear and tear. Our professional undercoatings extend the longevity of the components under your vehicle, protecting them from grime, grit, and even saltwater. Consider adding an undercoating to your overlander if you’re an off-roader, or if you’ll find yourself launching a boat. As you plan off-road upgrades to your Jeep or truck, don’t neglect that undercarriage!


Lift Kits >

For the real off-roader, a lift kit is a must. We install a variety of lift kits that help you to tackle the toughest terrain and rockiest roads. Whether you’re looking to lift your truck or add clearance inches to your off-roading Jeep, you can count on LINE-X for the best components and an expert installation.

Suspension >

Pair your truck lift kit with premier suspension systems to give yourself a comfortable ride over rough roads. Or outfit your Jeep with an off-roading suspension system to turn it into a real rock crawler. We carry and install suspension systems from high-end manufacturers ranging from Rough Country to Pro Comp.

Wheels and Tires >

We carry a vast line of wheels and tires, so you can customize your overlander with the best rubber and rims to trek wherever you’d like. We carry wheels from makers ranging from Asanti to Helo, and American Racing to American Force, and more tires than we care to list. Find the perfect combo at LINE-X.

Storage & Utility

Tonneau Covers >

For the toughest tonneau covers on the market, count on NextLevel. We carry a line of tonneau covers perfect for storing all your camping goods. Better yet, you can top your truck bed with a heavy-duty tonneau cover that’s durable enough to support a tent (or even an ATV with our Ultra Heavy Duty Tonneau!). Whether you’re storing or stacking, we have the perfect bed cover for you.

Racks >

We carry a variety of utility vehicle tracks that can be customized to carry gear, a tent, you name it. With our custom utility body racks, you can stow and go. And once you’ve arrived at your destination, you can unload, unpack, and unwind. Add a top tent rack to your truck so that you can camp anywhere.

Grill Guards & Bumpers >

Our grill guards add even greater protection to your vehicle. From cattle catchers to beefy back bumpers, you’ll love the look and utility of your new add-on. We even install beefy Grumpers, including winch options for added towability. Add our guards and bumpers to your Jeep or truck for a mean look, built for adventure.